PANDORA 14ct Gold Radiant Elegance Earrings 250325CZ

£150.00  £86.00
Save: 43%
Product DescriptionIntroducing this pair of luxurious 14ct gold earrings from the PANDORA Spring 2016 collection, perfect for adorning your outfits... more info

PANDORA 14ct Gold Timeless Elegance Earrings 250327CZ

£275.00  £140.00
Save: 49%
Product DescriptionIntroducing this glamorous pair of stud earrings from the Shining Sentiments range, perfect for bringing Timeless Elegance to your... more info

PANDORA Alluring Hearts Hoop Earrings 297290CZ

£50.00  £35.00
Save: 30%
Product DescriptionThese stunning sterling silver hoops are brought to you by PANDORA and feature a series of love hearts incorporated into the... more info

PANDORA April Birthstone Rock Crystal Droplet Earrings 290738RC

£45.00  £32.00
Save: 29%
Product DescriptionIntroducing this stunning pair of April birthstone earrings from PANDORA, sure to bring a stylish sparkle to any attire. The... more info

PANDORA August Birthstone Peridot Droplet Earrings 290738PE

£45.00  £32.00
Save: 29%
Product DescriptionIntroducing the PANDORA August Birthstone stud earrings, a wonderful way to bring a colourful sparkle to your outfits. The... more info

PANDORA Blue Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings 290591NBT

£60.00  £41.00
Save: 32%
Product DescriptionPANDORA has created this classic pair of stud earrings featuring a stunning blue crystal centrepiece presented in a four claw... more info

PANDORA Bright Hearts Hoop Earrings 297231NRPMX

£55.00  £38.00
Save: 31%
Product DescriptionThese unique hoop earrings from PANDORA consist of a heart shape fashioned into an offset twist design. The pair have been created... more info

PANDORA Brilliant Bow Stud Earrings 297234CZ

£55.00  £38.00
Save: 31%
Product DescriptionThese delicately designed earrings feature a bow design set with clear cubic zirconia. The intricate shape combines both plain and... more info

PANDORA Chandelier Droplets Earrings 297088CZ

£100.00  £63.00
Save: 37%
Product DescriptionIntroducing this beautiful and sophisticated pair of dropper earrings from PANDORA, ideal for dressing up your elegant evening... more info

PANDORA Classic Beads Stud Earrings 297568

£35.00  £27.00
Save: 23%
Product DescriptionComplete your look with this timeless pair of sterling silver stud earrings from PANDORA. Featuring a minimalist beaded design and... more info

PANDORA Classic Elegance Stud Earrings 296272CZ

£60.00  £41.00
Save: 32%
Product DescriptionBring elegance and opulence to your outfits with these sophisticated earrings from PANDORA. Crafted from flawless sterling silver,... more info

PANDORA Contemporary Pearl Hoop Earrings 297528P

£70.00  £46.00
Save: 34%
Product DescriptionComplete your look with this elegant pair of sterling silver hoop earrings from PANDORA. Equipped with push back fastenings, the... more info

PANDORA Curved Grains Stud Earrings 297730

£40.00  £30.00
Save: 25%
Product DescriptionThis unique pair of earrings from PANDORA features a curved shape and an open wheat grain theme. This intricately crafted sterling... more info

PANDORA Dazzling Daisy Cluster Stud Earrings 290744CZ

£55.00  £38.00
Save: 31%
Product DescriptionThe Dazzling Daisy cluster studs earrings are a wonderful way to give your attire a contemporary sparkle this season. The... more info

PANDORA Dazzling Droplets Stud Earrings 290726CZ

£45.00  £32.00
Save: 29%
Product DescriptionIntroducing these beautiful stud earrings from the PANDORA Shimmering Droplets Collection, perfect for giving your outfits a... more info

PANDORA December Birthstone Blue Crystal Droplet Earrings 290738NLB

£45.00  £32.00
Save: 29%
Product DescriptionA wonderful pair of accessories for people born in December, perfect for coupling with the matching PANDORA December birthstone... more info

PANDORA Elegant Waves Hoop Earrings 297097CZ

£55.00  £38.00
Save: 31%
Product DescriptionIntroducing the stunning Elegant Waves Hoop earrings from The Nature Of PANDORA range. Expertly crafted from sterling silver, in a... more info

PANDORA Enchanted Crown Earrings 297127CZ

£45.00  £32.00
Save: 29%
Product DescriptionBring a regal style to your outfits with this stylish pair of PANDORA stud earrings. The Enchanted Crown design is crafted from... more info